Have You Heard about Lexus Before?

Nowadays, if you would like to buy a new car, it will be better if you pick one of the best manufacturers. While buying the car from a well-known manufacturer, you will get what you paid. It means you can get the best quality for the price you have paid. As if you would like to buy a premium car, try to buy it from Lexus and learn to about tips buy a new car.

What Is It?

Do you know about Lexus cars? Well, if you work or have interested in automotive fields, you may know well about this company. You can see their products spread around the world!

Well, Lexus is a division of luxury vehicle from the Japanese automaker Toyota. In Japan, you can say Lexus as Rekusasu. Its brand is sold in more than 70 territories and countries worldwide. It also becomes the largest selling products of premium cars.

Its headquarter is located in Nagoya, Japan and has operational centers in Plano, Texas, Belgium, and Brussels. This company was established 29 years ago or in 1989. Then, if you are interested to buy premium and luxurious car, why don’t you buy one of Lexus cars?

The Best Models of Lexus Cars

As as the other manufacturers do, Lexus creates new models every year. While you want to buy them, you can get a long list of its produced cars. Well, from those cars, there are some best Lexus models which can create more elegant and marvelous.

Do you want to know what they are? Check this out!

Lexus CT 200H

The Lexus CT model becomes the best world hybrid electric vehicles. It is sold in the market starting from 2011. CT itself stands for Creative Touring. Thus, it features with the 2.0-liter engine with four-cylinder petrol engine which produces the power up to 134 horsepower.

It comes with four driving modes that you can choose such as Eco, EV, Sport, and Normal modes. The safety features in this car like Vehicle Proximity Notification System, eight standard airbags, vehicle stability control, telematics systems, and more.

The price of this Lexus CT 200H is around $31,250. It might be different from a country to another. It depends on tax rates on each country.

Lexus IS XE20

It is the second generation of Lexus IS line. It has four-door and has been marketed since 2006. It comes with D-4S Direct Injection System and V6 petrol engine.

It features with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Adaptive Front Lighting System, High Resolution of 7 inches Touchscreen, Electric Power Streaming, and more. The other important features in this Lexus models are Electroluminescent Display Lighting, Leather Seats, and more. If you are interested to buy this car, just prepare for about $38,000 or more is better.

Lexus HS 250H

It is the first generation of HS line and has begun to sell starting from 2009. It is a sedan with a hybrid compact. It is powered by four engine and 2.4 liter 2AZ-FXE which can work alongside with electric generator. Together, it produces 187 horsepower.

It is featured with Exhaust Heat Recovery System to help cooling down the engine. It has many luxurious features like Infotainment System, Pop Up Navigation, Lane Keep Assist, Intelligent High Beam, and more. If you want to buy this car, provide for $35,000 or more.

Those are the best models of Lexus cars of all time. If you would like to buy one of them, you might prepare more money because some of them are not produced anymore. Just pick one of the best Lexus models based on what you like. It helps you to point out the best one.

Let’s Buy Chevrolet Silverado Car

Don’t you know? There are various types and models of pick-up truck cars, as like the sport, SUV, sedan, and more types of cars. If you need a pick-up truck car, you can consider buying a Chevrolet Silverado. As we know, Chevrolet is one of the famous manufacturers around the world. They have sold their products worldwide.

Why You Should Buy Silverado?

While looking for the best pick-up truck car, it will be so much better if you do some research toward its company, like this one. You need to know about what kind of engine that you get, the features inside of the pick-up truck, and how many lbs you can take with you.

To make you get the best deals of taking up the pick-up truck, you need to consider more Chevrolet Silverado. Why? It is one of Chevrolet products which are trusted by many people around the world. They have proved that the Chevrolet products are worth to buy so as this one.

Get Know More about Its Company

Chevrolet or Chevy or Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company is an American manufacturer of automobile division. Its headquarter is located in Detriot, Michigan, the U.S. It was established since 107 years ago or in 3rd November 1911.

Besides the trucks, they also produce commercial vehicles and automobiles. You can find these company products around the world except in Syria, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, South Africa, and South Asia.

Comes With New Design Every Year!

As like the other manufacturers, the Chevrolet also comes with the new design, machine, engine, features, every year. They always upgrade the last models to the new one. It is to make the customers get satisfied with their products.

They will make differences between the last and the latest model of car. They will adjust it with the trend car of a year from its interior design, engine, until the exterior one. Hence, if you have more money, it will be better to wait for the latest model of this car.

The Newest Chevrolet Silverado

As if you would like to buy the new Chevrolet Silverado, you need to buy for the redesign one. The release date is in the beginning year of 2019. You can get the full-size pickup trucks which blend with excellent performance. You will get the best quality inside of trucks and make it feels so comfy while driving it on the road.

It features with powerful V8 engines and rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive options which can produce 285 to 420 horsepower. You can get 5 passenger seats with the comfy and expensive seats. The new Silverado will have a larger cabin and bed. It has a higher maximum payload for nearly 3,000 pounds and the towing capacity can load over 12,000 pounds.

It has new features like Surround-View Parking Camera, Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Rearview Camera Mirror, Head-Up Display, Driver Assistance, Infotainment Tech, Forward Collision Alert, Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking, and many more.

For the Silverado, seats come with Regular Cab models and Double and Crew Cab models. Instead of getting a standard bench, you can get the front bucket seats. In the Cab styles, all shapes and sizes of passengers have more space room whether they sit up in the back or in the front.

In their new Silverado, you will see deeper and wider beds. It becomes the largest bed in its class. You will have three length options for your bed. The options are 8-foot, 5-foot-8inch, and 6foot-6inch. There are also several features you can get in this new Silverado like Power Tailgate which make easier to haul cargo, Lockable Bins, and Tie-Down Points.

While you are inside of this new Silverado, you will get 8 inches of HD Touch Screen and Navigation, Wireless Device Charging, Three Additional USB Ports, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Satellite Radio, Seven-Speaker Bose Audio System, and Sunroof. It makes you can enjoy your day in this car.

There are many more features you can get in this new Chevrolet Silverado. If you buy this one, you will get a basic warranty for three-year per 36,000 miles and get the powertrain warranty for five years per 60,000 miles.

The Good Tips Before Buy A New Car

When you live in a city and need transportation at any time to work, there are two alternatives, namely private and public transportation. To go somewhere you really need the vehicles. Besides, it will make you easy to reach some places, it also will protect you from the heavy rain and heat of the sun. The one private car can be obtained with two alternatives., namely used cars and new cars. If you interest to buy a new car, so there are some good tips for you before buy it.

Be Careful To Chose The Car

Many people realized that they buy a wrong car after one or som months after they bought it. It’s because they don’t carefully check the specifications. Usually, the beginners in buying a car, they only check the body and engine, or maybe they just interested in the low price. In fact, prices are usually one of the indicators of quality that is quite important. Well, to prevent this, here are some tips to choose the car.

  • The best types

To choose the best types, you may consider what the type you need. Family car or SUV or city car. Because those types have different features.

  • The good specifications

Each type of the car has their every specification. So, you must consider that specification with your need like the advantages of Jeep Wrangler.

  • The testimonial

If that car has launched for a month or a year, so maybe there are some people who have that car. So, you may know about their testimony.

Who Is The Car Intended For

The second question that you need to ask to yourself before deciding to choose a car is “who is the car for?” if you are still single, of course, you will be free to choose the types of car. But if you are got married, so you must be considered about your family. Because you will need the larger size of the car.

Comfort And Safety Prioritize

If you have a family, of course, the vehicle is not only to protect yourself from the sun and rain. The car chosen must be proven to be safe and comfortable. The car must be able to accommodate the number of passengers and luggage that is normally carried.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption is the important thing of owning a car. How come? The fuel costs are increasingly rising. Not only that, the traffic jams lately make the consumption of fuel is increasingly wasteful. Thus, it is important to check the fuel consumption of a car before you decide to buy it. It’s true that car with a big power definitely needs more fuel. Do not let you need increasing.

Not only that, you may choose the good design of the car. Some like the type of elegance and luxuries like SUV or city car. Consider the design of the selected car is quite common so that it can then be sold again at a high enough price. The decision is entirely in your hands, but you should consider some of the above when going to buy a car.

Get Interested to Luxurious Lamborghini Car?

The car is one of the transportations which many people use even it is for public or private transportation. There are many car types you can take based on what you need. One of the most wonderful cars is a luxurious car.

Get to Know About It!

While you are looking for a luxurious car, where do you go? You need to go to the Lamborghini Company. As we know, Lamborghini is one of the most popular luxury manufacturers which sell luxury sports cars worldwide.

They have their own logo’s company which describes where they belong. If you see on their logo, you will see that there is a buffalo on it. Well, can you guess where the headquarter company is? Don’t you know? The headquarter is located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

Now, have you seen it? As we know, there are many matadors in Italy, and so they use this animal for their logo’s company. Thus, Lamborghini is an Italian manufacturer and brand which sell the luxurious car worldwide.

The Best Lamborghini Car Ever!

Perhaps, you might see this car on the TV which shows how exclusive and luxurious this car is! In its company journey, they sell tons of luxurious cars each year. Even though they offer a high price for the car, there are many fans who still want to buy it. From it, there are some best Lamborghini cars which are being the best cars ever. Do you want what they are?

These are the best Lamborghini cars ever:

  1. Jota

It comes with 440 bhp squeezed from its own V12. It also has special aircraft-spec which allows the bodywork to pepper with the lift-cutting spoilers.

  1. Veneno

It features with 740 bhp which can help you to get wild in the road. Also, it comes with big vents for a Smart car. It was created for celebrating the 50 anniversary of Lambo’s Company.

  1. Egiosta

It had a seat only and so it was a good choice for a single-seater racing car. Unfortunately, the company never produces this type of car. It was just made for a part of 50 anniversaries.

  1. Sesto Elemento

It comes with four-wheel drive and 5.2 liters with a V10 engine. It is compatible to bring weight up to 999 kilos. It is amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Aventador J

While you see that there Lamborghini cars with windscreen, in this car, you will see that it replaces with two small aero screens. The exterior of this car looks so elegant and so there are many Lambo fan who purchase it in their release date.

  1. LM002

If you don’t like to have a sedan car for the luxury sports car, try to take the Lamborghini SUV. The LM002 comes with V12 engine and 345/60 R17 Pirelli. It is literally designed for a military vehicle. Thus, it called Rambo Lambo.

By knowing its information, you should not be afraid to pay more cars for more luxurious and executive cars on your hand. Just take a look and prepare the money to buy the latest Lamborghini cars.

All New Honda CRV 1.5 L Turbo Vs Hyundai Tuscon, Which One The Best?

After you see the title, maybe you will complain. Why that two type of car that has the different engine will compare? Okay, that cars surely have the different engine. But, you need to know that both have the similarities. First, the genre of dimensions and design are in the same of SUV class. The second, the most striking are both glorifying the ability of the tour. So, stay tuned with this article and you will know that they both have the similarities and differences.

All New Honda CRV

All new Honda CRV 1.5 L turbo is offered by two versions, prestige and standard stypes. Introduced at 2007 in International Motor Show Exhibition, the All-New Honda CRV immediately managed to become the main magnet of that exhibition and get the award as the Best Car by Visitors choice. Rely on 1.5 L DOHC with the engine of 4 cylinders and DBW valve. The peak power that can produce 5.600 rpm with the maximal torque until 240Nm. Even this car only supported by a 1. 498 cc capacity engine, but this All new Honda CRV 1.5 L turbo able to surpass the torsional moment and power of the peak of All New Honda CRV versions. For the first time this All new Honda CRV 1.5 L turbo is offered with the standard type 466 million IDR and the prestige type 506 IDR.

All New Tucson Crdi EVG Turbo

This one of SUV has the largest engine torque in that class until 400 Nm. All with this rivals above, the All-New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo managed to become the Hyundai best-selling vehicle model in 2017. All New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo won two prestigious awards at International Motor Show Exhibitions 2017. The engine power can burst peak power up to 179 PS. Well, it’s inferior to all New Honda CRV that the engine only has less than 1.500 ccs.

Because the matter of acceleration capabilities associated with twisting moments, the engine of the All-New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo is capable of bursting torque of up to 400 Nm. The machines do not need to work hard when facing a state of stop and go, overtake other vehicles or when driving on hills. If you are interested, this All-New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo has the price tag more than 450 million IDR.

Both of these SUV’s requires the highest fuel type intake according to their respective specs. All new Honda CRV 1.5 L should use the same type of fuel such as Pertamax Turbo. While the Hyundai New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo uses Pertamina DEX. This goes back to the question of the general suggestions in The Indonesian community about the resale values and brand names, but in the class of car that has the price above 300 million IDR above the qualifications of smart car buyers in the country is increasing.

Some factors such as the vehicle needs, safety, comfort, security factors, quality and number of features, the warranty of readiness of after-sales service, the genuine parts, the efficiency of fuel consumption, the leading vehicle design, and all the other lists are certainly a consideration. Without the need to mention the exact number, but you must have been knowing that Honda cars grew the fastest compared to other brands. The number that is closest to Toyota. And how about Hyundai? There are least two things that can make the consumers stay safe buying New Tucson CRDi EVG Turbo that has the buyback guarantee program for the initial 3 years ownership.

The Advantages of Jeep Wrangler to Overcome the Flood

Jeep wrangler an adventurous car of the classic type SUV that released by the American automotive corporation “Jeep”. The latest type of the Jeep Wrangler is the Pentastar Rubicon with 3000 cc V6 or the people know with the name of Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. If we see the quality and price of this car, we will not lose to buy this car because this best new car. Because, even the price is more than 800 million IDR but we will get a very high quality car starting from the outdoor features, the metal materials, interior, comfort, safety, machinery and etc.

The Exterior

The exterior of Jeep Wrangler is technically has a dimension or length of the body is 4224 mm, 1873 mm of height, and 1865 mm of width. The part of ground clearance of this car is 254 mm until 25.5 mm. For the exterior of this car is made by the strong material with thick body or plate. So, if it is stepped on, it will be not be dented, like the Japanese car. The excellent of material is come and designed from the United States of America.

Even it has a classic designed but the features that provide is very sophisticated such as in the safety system, air conditioning, and the entertainment system. The Jeep Wrangler is quite reliable in puddles of water and building rocky terrain. In the city, this car also often used. Even it’s the strong car but if you use it in the city, you will feel so comfortable because of the soft suspension system just by passing the road to the residential or damaged road. The most preferred when carrying a Jeep Wrangler in the city is the design that luxurious and muscular.

The Ability to Deal with Flooding

The capability of Jeep Wrangler to deal with flooding has been widely recognized by global automotive enthusiasts, especially in Indonesia. Behind that fact, then what are the advantages of Jeep Wrangler as a though car for its owners who live in the city? Floods are real obstacles that must be faced in the disaster-prone city of Megapolitan. For the owners of the Jeep Wrangler, resilience to overcome the flood has been experienced. There are several advantages of The Jeep Wrangler when facing flooding.

the first advantages of the Jeep Wrangler go through quite water fording or high puddles until 16.2 cm. Furthermore, the ground clearance of more than 25 cm helped the jeep wrangler through the highway track which was flooded by flooding and through a damaged track it’s because of the adequate suspension system.

This strong car is provided with the petrol engine with the 2985 capacity of the engine. This Jeep Wrangler Rubicon actually has the smaller engine capacity than the previous type that has 3600 capacity of the engine. The Wrangler use 6 cylinders with 24 valves. The maximum power of this car made by Jeep is 230 hp obtained at an engine speed of 6350 Rpm. The system of driving has a 4×2 or 4×4 wheel drive. It is also provided with the automatic transmission system.

The maximum energy of this car made by Jeep is 230 hp that obtained at speed engine of 6350 rpm. While the Jeep Wrangler transmission system all use a 5-speed automatic transmission system. The integration between the magnitude of the car power and high ground clearance and also the exterior design makes this car able to pass offroad roads that not all cars can pass through. The various advantages in terms of features and quality materials make this car also very comfortable to use on offroad roads and especially when it has to face the flooding. It will make you no worry if go to the sandy, runny, or slippery road.